10+ Hilariously Dog Memes To Show Your Dog Right Now Even Though They Won’t Understand

If you’ve never showed your dog a meme, then you’re fibbing.

We’ve all done it. Sometimes you just roll over in the middle of the light, flash your screenlight in your dog’s face, go “Oh good, you’re awake, look at this meme.” and then proceed to bother him or her.

Well, now you can do that during the daytime too. Because regardless of when it is for you, day or night, these are some hilarious little snippets that you NEED  to show your furbaby right this second.

#1 Talking about food.

@fvckyoumeme / Instagram / Via Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/fvckyoumeme/?hl=en

#2 Eating.

APPularity / Facebook / Via Facebook: 201444117322

#3 Clever doggo.

@chaos.reigns_ / Instagram / Via Instagram: @chaos

#4 Road trips.

@RespectfulMemes / Twitter / Via Twitter: @RespectfulMemes

#5 Dog park.

@WORLDSTAR / Twitter / Via Twitter: @WORLDSTAR

#6 Unlike a certain someone.

@UNILAD / Twitter / Via Twitter: @UNILAD

#7 Suspicious.

chaos.reigns_ / Instagram / Via Instagram: @chaos

#8 Random barking.

@Homeless_Ricky / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Homeless_Ricky

#9 Be good or be bad?

@chaos.reigns_ / Instagram / Via Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/chaos.reigns_/?hl=en


@jackkirby / Twitter / Via Twitter: @jackkirby

#11 Cheater, cheater.

@TweetLikeAGirI / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TweetLikeAGirI

#12 It just sounds real!

@sonny5ideup / Instagram / Via Instagram: @sonny5ideup

#13 Overexcited.

@fvckyoumeme / Instagram / Via Instagram: @https://www.instagram.com/fvckyoumeme/?hl=en

#14 Won’t work all the time.

@GeorgeResch / Twitter / Via Twitter: @GeorgeResch

#15 No concept of personal space.

@medievalreacts / Twitter / Via Twitter: @medievalreacts

#16 Clingy bf vs clingy dog.

@alexiahuggans / Twitter / Via Twitter: @alexiahuggans

#17 Over attached doggy.

@unilad / Twitter / Via Twitter: @unilad

#18 Smol delivery.

@Tatum_Strangely / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Tatum_Strangely

#19 Heckin bamboozled!

@ridankulous.memes / Instagram / Via Instagram: @ridankulous


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