Nobody Showed Up To Read To A Retired Greyhound Racer So The Internet Intervined

Meet 10-year-old retired racing greyhound, Sting.

He may have been a racing greyhound, but he works as a certified emotional therapy dog now. Children read aloud to him, and this is part of a Paws To Read program situated at a local library in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

Now, this may sound all fine and dandy. In reality, however, not one person showed up to the most recent gig. And this forced Sting’s handler to post about it on Facebook.

The post has unsurprisingly gone viral since then, and everyone feels sorry for the dog. The post has over 100,000 shares, and everyone wants to join the program.

Don’t be sympathetic because of his solemn look though.

That is just Sting being Sting. 

As Sting was not at all bothered by his lack of popularity. 

“It’s his signature look. It’s just his look.”

Many people, however, didn’t even know this was a thing. 

And Sting is now booked for many months to come!

This Facebook post has helped skyrocket Sting and his fellow reading dogs popularity.

People loved the heartwarming story. 

And some shared their own stories.

Seems like he’ll be too busy to skype you from now on. 

Win-win indeed! 

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