“Dead” Dog Returns Home After Ten Years and Her Family is Shocked Beyond Words

  • By Silas
  • February 23, 2018
  • 2 minutes read

There have been so many instances where people lost their dogs and reunited with them after a long time.

Watching and reading these stories surely makes us emotional. The story you are about to read can make the toughest person cry. It’s about a lost dog who finally found her way back to her family. Why is this reunion special? It took ten long years of waiting, that’s why.

Abby, a black-furred Labrador, was playing with Debra Suierveld and her children in the family’s backyard in Apollo, Pennsylvania. Abby wandered away from that place at some point. Her family did everything they could to find her but to no avail. Failed and heartbroken, they had to declare her dead. This happened ten years ago.

Fast-forward to January 30th, 2018. Debra got a call from the Animal Protectors, and she could not believe her ears. They said that they had Abby. Apparently, she was found on the porch of a house just 8 miles away. Abby had a microchip on her that helped the helpers identify and contact her family.

News Source: triblive.com

This is Abby.


With Debra at the Shelter.


Thanks to the Animal Shelter and Abby’s microchip, she got reunited with her family on the same day.


Debra and her family were at a loss for words. The dog they thought they had lost forever had come back from the “dead.”


She returned home.


We really wish Abby could tell us where she was for so long. But we have to settle with the knowledge that she is finally where she belongs.

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