Dog Lays On The Horn Like A Pro After Being Tired Of Waiting In Traffic

This dog was going through something we all hate. Whenever someone asks us to wait in the car while they are away, doing something or meeting someone, every minute feels like an hour. We control our anger if they promise to be back in a moment but come up with an apology later for being late. We accept it and move on most of the time, but this dog did not take any such bullshit.

This dog was sitting in the driver’s seat with the window partially opened. He was annoyed waiting for his owners. The impatient dog leaned on the horn to let his owners know he has had enough. It was so loud that even people in the parking lot got disturbed and they were surprised to figure out a dog doing that. A few hours later, a video of the incident was posted by Mashable.

Majorly, the dog’s reaction says it all.


This also engaged some interesting reactions by people following the post on twitter.



The bitter truth…



Welcome, by the way!



Some found relevance.



That also caught the attention of local news station, KCCI, who was in all praises for the dog.



While others also wanted more action.



Even dogs are now speaking up to the problems of traffic. Its time for America to wake up definitely!


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