Man Assumes the Post of Grandpa to this Dog and They Had the Most Beautiful Day Ever

  • By Silas
  • December 29, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

Dogsitting is an enjoyable job. Some people learn as they go, while others are natural with dogs. People who love doggos of all kinds know the joy there is in taking care of someone else’s dog once in a while. That is what happened with this Grandpa and his daughter’s dog, Chance.

Meghan Specksgoor had to travel, and she entrusted her father with her German Shepherd. Little did she know that these two would go viral all over Twitter with their fun activities.

Meghan tweeted the texts that her dad sent her while she was away and they are downright adorable!

She wrote, “My dad is babysitting Chance this weekend while I’m in NYC, someone, please get this man a grandchild.” What’s so funny and lovely about this dad-dog pair? Everything!

In the first picture, we see Chance in the back seat and Grandpa clicking a selfie while on the wheel. He writes, “Grandpa wants to know what kind of takeout I can have? we are starving.” Isn’t it cute how he is texting from Chance’s perspective? More incoming!


The next message reads, “Hi mom, it’s me again. We had a picnic and are going to the nail salon now. Gramps said if I’m good I can have ice cream when I’m done. What kind do I like again?” Quite a smart way to ask his daughter what kind of ice-cream Chance can eat.


Chance is way too happy eating that ice-cream Grandpa bought for her. It looks like she really feels what he has texted on her behalf, “Hate to keep bothering you mom, but we really need to hang out with gramps more.” We couldn’t agree more!


The day has come to an end and Chance has enjoyed it thoroughly. It is time for bed, and the last text goes, “Hey mom, gramps is going to sleep with me tonight, is there anything we need to tell him? Hope you are having as much fun as I am. see you tomorrow and good night, love you sooo much.” We’re sure her mom loved this as much as Chance.


The Twitterverse was not far away, and they came in from all sides to show their love as well.

One of them shared a screenshot of her own dog caught happily in a similar situation.

Gramps and Chance are the best buds that Twitter has seen recently. They understand each other very well. Grandpa wanted a grandchild and who better than Chance to fill that void? We hope that Grandpa got a dog of his own too because it is clear that he connects with them marvelously.

This last tweet is something we can all agree with.





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